Reduce the Spread of Harmful Germs on Your Property

Find out about our sanitation and decontamination services in Columbus, OH

Getting rid of viruses and bacteria is more important now than ever. You can help keep your employees and family safe from pathogens like the novel coronavirus when you hire professionals to sanitize your property. That's where Reed's Pest Control comes in. We provide thorough sanitation services and decontamination services in Columbus, OH and surrounding areas.

If you're on the fence about bringing in professionals, consider that:

  • We bring our own cleaning products and tools, so you don't have to buy them
  • We've been working on local properties for years, so you can trust us on yours
  • We pay attention to every detail, so you can rest assured we won't miss a spot
When you're ready to schedule sanitation or decontamination services, call 614-364-8508 right away.

What's the difference between sanitation and decontamination?

If you opt for sanitation services, we'll clean your property thoroughly. We'll remove visible dirt and greatly reduce the number of viruses and bacteria, especially in high-touch and high-traffic areas. If you choose decontamination services, we'll use targeted cleaning techniques that destroy viruses and bacteria.

Have questions or want to talk about services in more detail? Contact us now to find out what's right for your home or business.