Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Is a Tough Job

Hire a professional pest control company in Columbus, OH

Bugs have no place in your home. Get rid of them quickly with help from Reed's Pest Control in Columbus, Ohio. With routine pest control service, you can get rid of bugs and keep them away for the long-term.

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A reliable choice for your pest control

When you need commercial pest control services, you need assistance right away. Our bug and rodent removal company will handle your service as quickly as possible.

Property owners in Columbus, Ohio choose Reed's Pest Control for service because...

Our team has nearly 15 years of experience.
Our services come with a 30-day warranty.
We work with homeowners and business owners.
Our pest control company is licensed, bonded and insured.

Whether you need bed bug treatment for your home or German cockroach removal, our team has you covered.

Schedule your pest control service today by calling 614-364-8508.

We offer pest control services for...

Bed bugs. Cockroaches. Ants. Spiders. Hornets. Wasps. Yellow jackets. Rodents. And more!

Remove unwanted pests quickly

You shouldn't have to wait around for a pest control company. Reed's Pest Control will take care of your service as quickly as possible with a team of professional exterminators. Our services are ideal for bed bug infestations and commercial bug problems. We also offer sanitation services to get rid of germs and bacteria commonly brought in by pests.

We also offer organic and botanical options for pesticide-free service.

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